Mai Mai Mai: The Jane Mai Digital Editions Collection

4 ratings

Pond Smelt (2013) + Soft (2015) + P.E.O.W. (2018)

52 + 80 + 109 pages | Sad Humans/Sad Animals + Horror/Romance + Autobiography/Humor/Bathroom Jokes

Written & illustrated by Jane Mai

In Pond Smelt, Janey moves to a new town where she doesn't know anybody. It's not bad, just a little lonely. She becomes friends with a wolf named Lobo and tries to fish. Some people say this book reminds them of Animal Crossing.

Soft is a teenage lesbian vampire romance set in Hong Kong in which Laura (sweet, precious Laura who fears death) meets the mysterious Carmilla. Dark, funny, and sad, as it almost always is when vampires are involved. People who've read the book have cried.

In P.E.O.W. (Painfully Embarrassing Otaku Weekend), Jane Mai returns to expose all the terrible, embarrassing secrets about Peow and what it's really like to actually go to comic festivals with them. This is a book that Peow doesn't want you to see, but they don't really have a choice, because it's Jane Mai.

Pond Smelt

" . . . [brings] together themes of outsider status, belonging, difference, isolation . . . It's just a very good comic and I highly recommend it."

Zainab Akhtar, Comics & Cola


"Jane Mai manages to do the seemingly impossible in Soft: make a vampire story creepy and relevant again, and in the most acute manner. . . . [Her] storytelling is at an exemplary level here."

Zainab Akhtar, Comics & Cola


"There is no one better at embarrassing everyone––including herself––than Jane Mai, and I loved every second of it."

Leslie Hung, co-creator and artist of Snotgirl

The digital edition of Pond Smelt includes 20 bonus pages with secret notes, extra drawings, two one-page comics, and an interview with the author.

Read a preview of Pond Smelt here!

Read a preview of Soft here!

Read a preview of P.E.O.W. here and here!

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Mai Mai Mai: The Jane Mai Digital Editions Collection

4 ratings