Night Gleem: The Freddy Carrasco Digital Editions Collection

6 ratings
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Night Gleem: The Freddy Carrasco Digital Editions Collection

6 ratings

Hot Summer Nights (2017) + Gleem (2019)

53 + 199 pages | Slice-of-life + Sci-fi

Written & illustrated by Freddy Carrasco

In Hot Summer Nights, a group of friends eke out the most they can from the last day of summer before high school begins.

Gleem is a collection of three stories ("Born Again," "Swing," and "Hard Body") that are science fiction, but not really, examining steely coolness of humanity, the loneliness of the masses, and the comfort found in solitude.

Hot Summer Nights

". . . a moment encapsulated, throbbing and seething with the pregnancy of tomorrow. It’s comic book making at its best and a joy to read."

Daniel Elkin, Comicon.com


". . . the itchy energy of youth is ready to burst forth, right off the page."

Ayoola Solarin, Hyperallergic

"Why isn't this on more end-of-the-year books lists...?"

Kris Mukai

The digital edition extra content for Hot Summer Nights includes:

  • Links to the What's Benny Listening To? playlists, the soundtrack to Hot Summer Nights!
  • An 11-page sketchbook of concept art for the book!
  • Eastbound, a 15-page sci-fi comic written and illustrated by Carrasco!
  • Soltape Vol. 1, a 12-track beat tape by Carrasco's beatmaker alias bludlo!

The digital edition extra content for Gleem includes:

  • Halo Trials, Dr. Solomon's 7-page folder containing portraits of 14 patients (exclusive to the digital edition)!
  • The Gleem OST, a 9-track original soundtrack by Thanks for the Tears!

Read a preview of Hot Summer Nights here!

Read a preview of Gleem here, and watch trailers for Gleem here and here!

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