P.E.O.W. 2 (Digital Edition) by Jane Mai

0 ratings

P.E.O.W. 2 (Digital Edition) by Jane Mai

0 ratings


152 pages | Autobiography/Humor/Bathroom Jokes

Written & illustrated by Jane Mai

(Debuted at the 2022 Toronto Comics Arts Festival)

PAINFULLY EMBARRASSING OTAKU WEEKEND auteur Jane Mai is back at it AGAIN with a FINAL “tell-all” story about PEOW before the pandemic ended our world. See Patrick, Elliot, and Olle wild and out of control, it’s pathetic. Expect outrageous walk-on guest appearances from “indie comics community” and JUNJI ITO, the world's most famous dentist and author of  FRANKENSTEIN.

Includes the conclusion to the grimdark Animal Crossing doujinshi, POND SMELT 3, the series that had fans saying, "PLEASE, EMPTY OUR WALLETS!"

This is the book made for PEOW, and our friends, and fans. Real ones only. Please, enjoy, or whatever!

" I'm barely 25 pages in and this is the greatest comic I've ever read"

Zach Clemente, publisher and founder of Bulgilhan Press  

Read a preview of P.E.O.W. 2 here!

(You might also be interested in Mai's other Peow books, like Pond Smelt, a sad story about moving to a new town, or Soft, a lesbian vampire romance, or P.E.O.W., Mai's first collection of painfully embarrassing autobiographical comics, or Mai Mai Mai: The Jane Mai Digital Editions Collection, which includes all three books.)

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